About Jin

Jin currently invests in a mixture of residential and commercial office/retail properties for cash flow in the Kansas City market. In addition to his personal portfolio, he has helped others conduct over $5mm in residential and commercial real estate transactions through mentoring and consulting since starting in 2021.

He is also a Master’s Degree student at Georgetown University studying commercial real estate development, finance, sustainability, and construction management on a local, national, and global scale.

Humble Beginnings

Like many other real estate investors, Jin’s journey started out slow. In 2016, he started reading a BiggerPockets eBook while serving active duty and on deployment. That book would light a fire within him, and he knew that investing in real estate was going to be his next pursuit.

Upon his return from overseas, he hit the ground running by attending networking events and even signed up for a house flipping course on Oahu. After spending years driving for dollars, cold calling potential sellers, and investing in direct-to-seller letters, Jin only found a single wholesale deal.

Something had to change.

While networking and learning on island, Jin met a humble couple that was only focused on investing in out-of-state rental properties. They stood out because everyone else in Hawaii was focused on flipping homes on island. He continued to attend their monthly events, despite the events being held on the opposite side of the island. The couple? Jasmine and CJ Calio of WNN Properties.

Once Jin left the Marines, he moved back to his hometown in Northern Virginia and concluded that flipping houses in Hawaii was probably not the best idea. Despite his lackluster track record trying to flip houses on island, he knew he still wanted to pursue real estate investing and decided that he would start off with something easier: turnkey rental homes.

After speaking with CJ about investing in turnkeys, he invited me to invest with him in Kansas City instead; a market where he already found success. Jin agreed and got his first deal done within the first couple of months of working together. This relationship eventually turned into mentorship and the rest is history.

Present Day

Today, Jin lives in Northern Virginia with his wife. He continues to grow and manage his portfolio of properties while giving his investors a great return. Meanwhile, Jin serves as a mentor/advisor with WNN Properties, helping other investors achieve their own investing goals using the BRRRR Strategy.